Why We Want You To Be Rich

Why We Want You To Be Rich - Two Men One MessageDonald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki are both businessmen with incredible reputations and this book resonates with me in so many different ways.

Firstly, one of my concerns in life (at the age of 49) is how I’m going to manage, financially, when the time comes that I choose to retire – and that’s probably something that you’re concerned about, as well.

Now it’s not that I’m intending to retire, imminently, as I really enjoy what I do and, in some ways, I’m not sure that I’ll ever want to completely retire.  However, it’s clear to me that I can’t rely on the goverment to keep me in the manner to which I’ve become accustomed.  And neither can you!

In this book Donald and Robert share their concerns (in layman’s terms) about some of the economic challenges that face the government.  Things like a growing trade defecit, growing national debt and the shrinking value of the dollar.  Things like how the ageing population will create increasingly challenging pressures on the economy in terms of pensions provision and medical care. Things like how the middle class is shrinking, a fact that simply adds to the financial pressures previously mentioned.

They look at why they want you to be rich and at how you can make yourself rich, although, don’t expect a step by step guide because this book isn’t that.  It’s more about understanding the reasons why you should want to elevate your financial standing and the mindset required to do so.

Why We Want You To Be Rich - Two Men, One MessageAnother way that this book resonates with me is that both men are advocates of running your own business as a way to create wealth.  They both advocate a philosophy of having a Multiple Income Stream Strategy (M.I.S.S) and they both advocate Network Marketing (MLM or Multi-Level Marketing) as being one of the best ways for the average person to create financial independence.

They also both advocate investing in property and they stress the importance of expanding your own financial literacy and business literacy through education stating that getting rich is, in fact, predictable …. not risky.

In this book they look at how you should invest your time and money if you wish to create wealth.  They look at what you can do, depending on your current situation, and give several examples of people in varying circumstances.  And all of this is to encourage you to see that becoming rich (using their terminology) or creating financial independence for yourself is the only way to immunise yourself against falling victim to the financial challenges that face the government and, therefore, the average man in the street.

Although, the book looks  at the US economy, it’s very clear to me that the very same challenges exist here for the government in the UK (and in many other countries) for the very same reasons.

Now, I should point out that there is a degree of mutual back-slapping between Donald and Robert but, if you have any desire, at all, to achieve personal wealth or financial independance, then the messages in this book can only add to whatever  level of motivation and desire you already have driving you towards achieving this kind of a goal.

The book’s available on Amazon.

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In the meantime, happy reading,

Steve Bimpson


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