Some Statistics About Social Media

Social Media Word CloudSo, is Social Media a fad?  Or is it something that we need to take note of, need to learn how to use and need to embrace?

Based on the book ‘Socialnomics’ by Erik Qualman, the following video contains some very useful information and statistics about Social Media and how it’s growing.  You may find that some of these statistics are, not only, surprising but absolutely astonishing.

It’s worth noting that the statistics in the video are now a little ‘old’ and completely underestimate the true scale as reflected in the current figures.  Social Media is growing exponentially, right now, so get stuck in to it before you get totally left behind.

You can be sure that contacts are being made, relationships are being built and business is being done through the use of Social Media, so, you really should incorporate it in your marketing strategy.

Embrace it and enjoy the video (it’s a great piece of music, too!);

Feel free to share this with your contacts if you find it interesting and let me know your thoughts about Social Media and how you’re already using it, or plan to use it, below.

Have a great day,

Steve Bimpson


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