Be Careful What You Set Your Heart On

Great Quotations LogoBe careful what you set your heart on …. for it surely will be yours.

This is one of my all time favourite quotations and it relates directly to the Law of Attraction (I’m a great believer in the Law of Attraction).  It contains a promise, almost a guarantee, but that promise is qualified with a warning, urging us to ‘Be careful‘.

Let me explain how I interpret the message that’s contained within this quotation.

Be Careful What You Set Your Heart On For it Surely Will Be Yours

The promise part,  ‘For it surely will be yours‘, is simple.  It tells you that whatever you truly set your heart on will be yours.  No if’s.  No but’s.  It WILL be yours.  And the fact that it’s phrased with such certainty is reassuring.  It’s something that we can all take great heart from.

It’s the first part, ‘Be careful what you set your heart on‘,  that contains the warning and it reminds me of two very important factors that we need to consider when it comes to deciding what we set our hearts on.  When it comes to deciding on our goals.

Be CarefulThe first warning factor revolves around the whole principle of setting goals and, if we believe the statistics, only 3 to 4 percent of people have actually set, and written down their goals, in the first place.  I know of many people that don’t seem to have any real belief in goal setting and, whatever the reason for this, it’s what happens when we don’t set ourselves goals that this first warning relates to.

I believe that the human mind is a goal seeking organism and, if you don’t consciously set your own goals, your mind will provide some for you, by default.  Unfortunately, these ‘default goals’ tend to revolve around survival rather than aspiration and they almost always take the form of a worry.

Now, I’m sure we’ve all experienced worry in our lives and so you’ll be very aware of how worries have a tendency to preoccupy our minds.  We dwell on them.  In fact, we spend an inordinate amount of time dwelling on them.

The only way to dispel worry is to focus on something else.  To give ourselves a conscious goal.  Something to take our mind off the worry and something over which we take action.  There is no other way that I’m aware of to dispel worry.

Now, when we consider the Law of Attraction and how that works, we know that we attract into our lives those things that we think about.  Therefore, if we settle for these ‘default goals’ and end up dwelling upon our worries, we end up thinking about things that we don’t want to happen – and that’s where the warning comes in.

The second factor that the warning relates to is, in many ways, more subtle.  But it’s equally important.  You see, there are many people in this world who spend much of their life trying to please everyone else, rather than, please themselves.  You know what I mean.

Warning to Be CarefulI’m talking about those people who enter a particular profession because that’s the profession that their father was in.  I’m talking about those people that follow a particular sport or pastime in the footsteps of one of their parents who ‘never quite made it themselves’, while the parent continues to follow their own, personal, dream through the child.  And these are just two examples of many different scenarios where people are, effectively, following someone else’s dream or expectation.  I’ve seen it myself, many times, and I’m sure that you have, as well.

The problem with this, and the reason for the warning, is that when you achieve a goal you expect to get a ‘high’, a feeling of ‘euphoria’ and the immense sense of satisfaction that you would expect to feel when you achieve a worthwhile goal.

Unfortunately, if the goal is, actually, someone else’s and not your own, all you tend to feel is disappointment, dissatisfaction and despondency.

Worst of all, if you’re in the habit of trying to please others (and most people in this situation are in the habit) then you probably don’t even understand why you feel such disappointment and despondency when you should be feeling fantastic.  You simply end up totally confused and frustrated, as a result.

So, to re-cap.Set Your Goals Carefully

Be careful what you set your heart on …. for it surely will be yours.

  1. Make sure that you set your goals consciously and make sure that they’re all about your aspirations and not just survival.  Don’t allow your mind to substitute ‘default goals’ on your behalf.
  2. Make sure that the goals you set are YOUR goals and that your not just trying to please everyone else.  Follow your own dreams.

If you do this and embrace the Law of Attraction then whatever you set your heart on WILL be yours.

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Have a great day,

Steve Bimpson

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