Marketing ~ Some Things Change, Some Don’t

Marketing FundamentalsI’ve been working in the field of marketing for over 30 years now and it’s always been a fast-paced, highly creative and ever changing world.  But, since the advent of the internet, email, websites, search engines and, most recently, social media the pace of change has never been so fast.

The range of media that’s now available to help businesses market their wares is huge and can be, somewhat, confusing.

If you know what you’re doing and you get it right, the rewards can be substantial but it’s also very easy to get things wrong and waste a lot of money.

For example, many businesses spend large amounts of money developing their website.  They get great graphic designers and terrific web developers who can make the design work seamlessly as a website.  They get all of the bells and whistles on their website and the results look stunning but, and this is the important part, no-one comes to the website.  No-one can find them online and, as a result, they get little or no return for the money that they’ve invested.

You see, if you think of a website as a shop on the internet high street, it’s easy to draw a comparison with opening a real shop.

If you opened a real shop you wouldn’t just move in and keep quiet about it.  You’d maybe do a leaflet drop to the local residents letting them know that you were opening.  You’d probably do some advertising in the local newspapers and magazines.  Perhaps you’d have an A-board made to place outside the shop on the pavement.  You’d have signs put up to attract passing trade and you may have a special event to celebrate opening.  And there are all kinds of other options open to you that can help form part of your marketing plan.

A 3D man with a red question markWhy then, when people get an online presence, do they just expect people to ‘turn up’ and visit their website without undertaking some kind of marketing strategy?  Even though the internet high street has tens of millions of shops on it rather than the relatively small number in your local town or city.

And then, when businesses try to sell their products or services online they think that a couple of photos, a written description and a price will be enough to get people to buy.  But in the real, face to face world for many of the products and services we want to sell we need to build relationships with our clients before they will buy from us.  They need to have confidence and trust in us.

Yes, the marketing world is changing and when new technology brings us new media and methods to use, many people jump on the bandwagon but completely forget about the basics.  They think that the new technology, alone, will be enough but they forget that the fundamentals of marketing will never change.

Target customers on a red targetWe still need to get our message out to people.  We still need to let them know where to find us, whether that’s online or offline. We still need to understand our target market and how to get our message in front of our  ideal customers, effectively.  We still need to build relationships with prospective clients.  We need to learn and to understand how to use the media and methods available to us and we need to have a relevant and effective marketing strategy that produces a great return on our investment.

No, the fundamentals of marketing never change.

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Have a great day,

Steve Bimpson

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