How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek - Keynote SpeakerWe all know how important communication is in business but how do great leaders inspire us to take action?  How do great companies inspire us to take action and part with our hard earned cash to purchase their products and services?  And how can you learn from them so that you can do the same and inspire your staff, your colleagues and your clients?

Start With Why Book CoverSimon Sinek asked himself this very same question and, as a result of his research, he discovered a pattern in the way that great leaders communicate.  That led to him writing an excellent book, Start with Why, in which he shares his discovery with the world so that we can all learn to inspire others.

The book is a great read and is definitely one for your business bookshelf but he also has a great website,, where you can checkout more of his thoughts in his Leadership Library or even join Why University.

Rather than providing you with an overview of this pattern of communication, I’m posting the video that Simon recorded in September 2009 when he spoke at a TEDx Event and explained the communication strategy that he discovered.  (Check out for more inspiring videos)

The video is 18 minutes long but it’s well worth watching.  And don’t forget to share this post if you found it interesting.   Or leave me some feedback in the reply box, below.

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