And I Will Fly

A sign pointing out InspirationIf you’re like me, then you can’t help but be touched when you hear about someone that’s suffering from some kind of serious illness or disability.  Particularly, where there’s the distinct possibility that their condition could prove to be life threatening or could lead to them having to face what, to us, are seemingly impossible challenges.  And, unless you’ve faced that kind of a scenario, yourself, it’s difficult to imagine how you would react.

But people do react in very different ways and some of them are, truly, inspirational.  Not only in the way that they face their situation but how they take their situation and turn into an example, for all of us.  An example of the incredible strength of the human spirit.

There are quite a few examples of the written word that have been inspired by the fact that the writer was suffering from cancer or some other kind of serious illness.   I came across this short poem, recently, and it struck a particular chord.  I hope you like it, too;

Dove in the air with wings wide open in-front of the sunI will fight my battle
and I will feel pain
and I will have no loss
and I will remain
and I will stand proud
and I will be strong
and I will shed my light
and I will sing my song
and I will win
and I will cry
and I will spread my wings
and I will fly

Keith Perks
Cancer Survivor

The words of this poem show a depth of strength and determination in facing up to this difficult situation and I’m sure that those heart felt sentiments are, at least, part of the reason that Keith Perks survived cancer.

Words like this, written by people like Frank, inspire me to strive to tap in to those resources of strength and determination that we all have.  I’m just grateful that I’m not striving to do so in the face of that kind of a challenge.  My challenges pale into insignificance, by comparison.

What about yours?

Use the form, below, and let me know your thoughts.   I’d love to know what inspires you, I’d love to hear your stories.  Share them with me and we can share them with the world.

And don’t forget to share this if it’s inspired you.

Have a great day,

Steve Bimpson

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