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Marketing TipsEven though we don’t all know exactly what they do, most of us have seen or heard of QR Codes.

Originally developed by a subsidiary of Toyota to track parts and components in the vehicle manufacturing process, QR Codes (QR = Quick Response) are 2D barcodes  that can be reproduced on any kind of printed media and used to store different types of data that enable them to be used in many ways.

To gain an understanding of what they do, think of QR Codes as print based hypertext links.  You ‘click’ on them by scanning them with a Smartphone (or other camera-enabled mobile) that has had QR Code Reader Software installed on it.  What happens next depends on exactly what data has been embedded in the code.

QR Codes were featured in a recent episode of CSI and this clip has one of the best explanations I’ve seen as to what a QR Code is;

What excites me is how we can put QR Codes to work for us in our marketing activities.  Whether that’s as a simple way to pass on contact information on a business card, sending someone to a page on our website, promoting Special Offers or creating a speaking business card, QR Codes are here to stay and will continue to grow in popularity as more and more companies start to use them in their marketing.  They can even be used to track the response rates they enjoy or to assist you in building a list.

One of the most creative ways I’ve seen a QR Code used recently was by the BBC in a trailer they produced for a new Horror Drama called ‘The Fades’.  See what you think;

Moet Branded QR CodeThis is a really clever way of getting a message across with a QR Code and this one does still work, as does this Moet QR Code.

Yes, QR Codes can even be branded, providing it’s done with care.  You see, QR Codes are designed with a healthy margin of error so that the information they contain can easily be ‘read’ by the scanning software on your Smartphone.

For more information on what you can do with QR Codes or if you’d like some help to Add Magic to Your Marketing, just go to my ‘Contact Me‘ page and drop me a line.

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Steve Bimpson

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