Network Marketing – Is it a Pyramid Scheme

It always amazes me when people still respond with, “Oh, that’s one of those Pyramid Schemes” when exposed to a Network Marketing opportunity.  It just goes to show the misconceptions that people still have.  Clearly, there’s still plenty of work to do in educating people about Network Marketing.

Despite the fact that Pyramid schemes were made illegal in the 70’s, that Network Marketing is taught in some of the world’s top business schools, that a plethora of top business people sing the praises of Network Marketing and that some very well known companies use a Network Marketing model, including publicly quoted companies, there are still people out there that really do have the wrong end of the stick.

This animated video does a pretty good job of putting across the truth about Network Marketing with humour.  Ultimately, I believe that Network Marketing is the most ethical of all business models.  Watch this and decide for yourself.

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Have a great day,

Steve Bimpson


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1 Comment to “Network Marketing – Is it a Pyramid Scheme”

  1. Steve,

    First time I have ever seen that video, but I really would rather hit tacks in my eyes when people say Pyramid Scheme lol

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