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Video Marketing Facts

I’m sure that you’ve heard stories about the ’Power’ of video but I’m going to share some marketing facts with you so that you really can appreciate just how powerful video marketing is.  For instance, did you know that your web page is 53 times more likely to gain a Page 1 ranking on Google if the page contains a video?
Probably not.  But that’s just one reason why you should be using video in your marketing and communications.
More Video Marketing Facts
Here are a few more video marketing facts that are well worth considering;

The average time a person spends visiting a …

Follow Up – Is There a Fortune in it?

We’ve all heard it said that, “The fortune’s in the follow up” but do we understand, exactly, what it means?
Do we understand the opportunity that exists when it comes to following up?
I don’t believe that we do…., at least, not completely.  And to make my point, let me share a few facts with you.  Do bear in mind that  these facts apply when it comes to dealing with completely new prospects – When you’re looking to make that, all important, first sale to a possible new client or customer.  So, let me ask you this question;
“How many times do you …

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