Rules ……… What Rules?

Shaking hands at a networking meetingLife, as they say, is a game.  But hang on a minute.  If life is a game then everything we do in life, every aspect of it, must be a part of that game.  In which case; business is part of the game of life, as is business networking.

Actually, I think there are games within games.  For instance, life is a game.  Business is a game within the game of life and networking is a game within the game of business, within the game of life.  Simple really!

But why is this relevant?

Well, it’s relevant because all games have rules.  In fact, there are rules in life, rules in business and there are, most definitely, rules in networking.  In life, and in business, there are two categories of rules but in our business networking there’s really only one.

The first category of rules that apply in life and in business are the rules that society has defined.  These rules consist of the ethical and legal frameworks that have been developed by society and govern the way we’re expected to live life and  the way we’re expected to do business.

We’ve created these rules to ensure that everyone is treated equally and that honesty, integrity and a sense of fair play can be enforced.  This category of rules, those that we have ‘made up’, don’t apply to every different game within the game of life – just to some of them.

Rules ....... What Rules?The second category of rules applies to every single game within the game of life, as well as to the game of life, itself.  This category of rules has not been ‘made up’ by society, it simply exists by default.  You see, on the one hand, there are the natural laws of the universe that apply to all things, at all times, and there is human nature on the other.  The combined effects of the natural laws of the universe and of human nature creates a default set of rules for everything that we do.  Whether, or not, we’re even aware of the ‘rules’, they always apply.

It’s this default set of ‘rules’ that applies to networking in business.  We must understand and apply them, correctly, if we’re to get the best possible results from our business networking efforts.

Unfortunately, it’s a sad fact that the vast majority of us, out there networking, haven’t got a clue what the rules are and many of those of us that do, don’t want to follow them. Human nature, really!

Tune in next time.

All the very best in your networking efforts,

Steve Bimpson

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