How Many People Benefit When We Give a Referral?

Shaking hands at a referral networking meetingI’d like to tell you an interesting story that clearly illustrates how many people benefit when we give a referral.  Although this story relates, directly, to business networking – as does the point I’m making here – I believe that this is how giving works in any situation, not just when it comes to a referral.

John worked for a local window and conservatory company and was a fellow member of a local networking group.  During one of his presentations to the group, he told the story of a lady who’d enquired about new, uPVC windows and doors.

The lady was new to the area and had, literally, just moved in to the house she’d just purchased.  The house had previously been let out and, although everything looked fine on the surface, once she’d moved into the property she became very aware that there’d been quite a lot of very poor quality work carried out, simply to make everything look good on the surface.  This included both electrical and plumbing work that was, in reality, quite dangerous.

Home for SaleWhen John arrived for his appointment, the lady was very upset.  In fact, she was in tears because of the problems she’d discovered.  John felt very sorry for the lady, not least because she was on her own in an area that she’d only just moved in to and where she didn’t know a soul.

John explained to her about the networking group and about the fact that he knew a plumber and an electrician that she could rely on.  He asked if she’d like him to get them to call her, to come and take a look at some of the things that were concerning her and to see if they could put things right for her.  She said that she’d really appreciate the introduction and John passed on the referral to the two tradesmen.

John decided that it wasn’t an appropriate time to talk about new windows and doors and he made an alternative appointment with the lady to go back a few days later.

When he returned, he was greeted with a hug.  As John had expected, his fellow networking group members had reacted promptly and, between them, they’d rectified the electrical and plumbing issues and made sure that everything was safe.  The lady was very appreciative of Johns help and told him that she really felt that she could trust him.

As a consequence, even though she’d originally planned to get 3 separate quotations for her windows and doors, she told John that she’d cancelled the appointments for the other two companies and that she wanted him to have her business.  Even though he hadn’t even given her a quotation at that time.

This was an extraordinary gesture to make to a stranger but it demonstrated the depth of her appreciation that John had helped her out in a difficult situation and been very sensitive to her needs at that time.  It also demonstrated the real power that comes when we give a referral.

Let’s take a look at how many people benefited from this act of giving?

  1. John gave the referral to two fellow members of his local networking group who both benefited from that, in terms of the business they received.
  2. The lady in question benefited from the fact that she had been put in touch with two completely reliable tradespeople who had been able to resolve her problems quickly and professionally.
  3. Johns’ act of giving also reflected on him.  Not only were his networking colleagues very grateful for the referral that he gave them, more importantly, the lady he referred them to was so grateful for the help she received that she, spontaneously, decided to reward him the contract for her new windows and doors – without even talking to anyone else!

When we give, we activate the Law of Cause and Effect, as well as several other of the Universal Laws we’ve previously talked about.

Referral NetworkingIn this story we can see how the act of giving a referral naturally benefits the recipient, but it also benefits the individual referred – in this case, our lady in distress.

But we should never forget that the act of giving also reflects on the giver.

In this instance, the consequence of that was revealed very quickly indeed,  which is not typical, but we should remember that it will always reflect on the giver, in some way, at some point in the future.

So, in answer to the question “How Many People Benefit When We Give a Referral?” we can clearly see that it’s not only the people on the receiving end of the referral but it’s the person doing the giving, as well.

The fact is, when we give to someone else, we also give to ourselves, in the process.  It’s impossible to do otherwise!  When we come to understand this – and when we really do ‘get it’ – why on earth wouldn’t we give all that we can, at every opportunity and without expectation of anything in return?

When it comes to networking, never forget that when you give to others, you’re also giving to yourself.  You just need to trust in the process.

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Have a great day.

Steve Bimpson

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