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Bang To Rights Mr Bimpson

Further to my last post, I have now been arrested!  Bang to Rights, as they say – but all in the name of a good cause, of course.
The Rainbow Centre is a really terrific charity and they do some amazing work, being a centre of excellence for Conductive Education.   They inspire and support children with Cerebral Palsy and adults that have suffered with a stroke, MS and Parkinson’s disease and their families.
Help me raise some bail money on their (and my) behalf – click here.
Given that the plan was to arrest me at my office and that there are …

I Arrest You in the Name of………

Apparently, I’m going to get arrested tomorrow – all in the name of charity, of course, but none the less, I will be hunted down, hand-cuffed, incarcerated, finger-printed and have my mugshots take – amongst other things.
Now, the interesting thing is, this could happen anywhere.  Gnerally, the idea is that you get arrested at your place of work but, as I share an office with only two people, it seemed sensible that I should get arrested elsewhere – somewhere where there could be lots of other people around.  The question is, where will it be?
I’ve let The Rainbow Centre know …

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