I Arrest You in the Name of………

Wanted - In Aid of the Rainbow CentreApparently, I’m going to get arrested tomorrow – all in the name of charity, of course, but none the less, I will be hunted down, hand-cuffed, incarcerated, finger-printed and have my mugshots take – amongst other things.

Now, the interesting thing is, this could happen anywhere.  Gnerally, the idea is that you get arrested at your place of work but, as I share an office with only two people, it seemed sensible that I should get arrested elsewhere – somewhere where there could be lots of other people around.  The question is, where will it be?

I’ve let The Rainbow Centre know my schedule for tomorrow and they’re just going to turn upo and surprise me – and everyone else, of course.  here’s even going to be a Town Cryer to announce my ‘crimes’ to one and all and the Police will be on hand to cuff me.

The Rainbow Centre - A Very Worthwhile CauseThis is all in aid of The Rainbow Centre, an amazing charity that’s also a centre of excellence in conductive learning – find out more here.

The Rainbow Centre do some amazing work and it’s a pleasure to get involved, although, I do have two slight concerns over a couple of rumours.  Firstly, I’ve heard it mentioned that they’ll keep me in longer if they raise more money.  If that idea appeals to you, you’d better dig deep (Just click on any of the images in this post to go to the Virgin Giving Page – just make sure that you mention my name, please).

Secondly, I keep hearing certain people mentioning the word ‘taser’ – and I really don’t like the sound of that, at all.  Hopefully, they’re just trying to make me feel a little nervous about tomorrow.

Oh, and they’ve also put out a Wanted Poster for me.  Check it out below, but do help us to raise some money for this fantastic cause.

Just Click Here to go to The Virgin Giving Page (and mention my name, please)

Steve Bimpson - Wanted for The Rainbow Centre

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