Customer Service Rule No 1

The inspiration for Customer service Rule no 1 is a quotation from Sam Walton: There is only one boss

It always amazes me how so many companies get some really simple things so wrong when it comes to customer service.

We recently had a new kitchen fitted at home and there were one or two issues with the quartz worktops. Nothing major but, when you’re spending a lot of money on something, you do want it to be right.

The initial dealings with the worktop suppliers’ went well. Photos were emailed to show the issues and they readily agreed that the problems were unacceptable.


Consequently, an appointment was made for someone to come along and inspect the worktops, so that they could assess exactly what needed to be done to resolve the issues. They called back to confirm the appointment and said that they’d be with us sometime between 8:00 and 11:00am on the Friday morning.

Friday morning arrives and I’m waiting for a knock at the door.

8:00am comes and goes ……… 9:00am passes by ………. then 10:00 am becomes history. Before long it’s rapidly approaching 11:00am and I’m starting to wonder where they are.

As you can imagine, I’m now watching the clock very closely.

11:00 am passes by and there’s still no sign of anyone. I give them another 10 minutes grace before I pick up the phone and call the company as, at this point, I’m starting to feel rather frustrated.

Of course, there was a perfectly logical reason for the delay – there always is, isn’t there?

My challenge is; no-one could be bothered to let me know!

In this day and age, we have the technology to communicate with our customers and to make sure that situations like this never occur.

I believe that it’s inexcusable not to let your customer know when you’re running late – whatever the reason for your call. It’s just plain rude!

Unfortunately, technology won’t handle this on its own. Someone has to make the call, send the email or send that text. One thing is certain, though; failing to make that call is GUARANTEED to annoy your customer!

Customer ServiceSo, my message is a simple one:

In your business it’s important to stand out from the crowd in every way you can ….. and this is one way that you can stand out really, really easily.

Whatever the reason for your call, if you’re running late;

Let your customer know.
Let them know as soon as you realise that you may run late, and
Keep them updated if anything changes or simply to confirm when you will arrive.
The reality is, you can get away with almost anything, providing you communicate with your customer before the event.

Try it. Your customers will love you for it because most people just can’t be bothered.

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