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We all go through life stumbling from one opportunity to another. Unfortunately, most of us just pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and carry on as if nothing happened.

Hello, I’m Steve Bimpson and welcome to my Site

This is somewhere where I can share some of my thoughts on things that I care about.  Thoughts on areas of business that intrigue me, whether it’s how we can get more business through our online and offline Sales and Marketing efforts, or thoughts on specific types of business that I’m interested in – from Property to Network Marketing – and anything in between. It’s somewhere where I can share my Passion for Personal Development.

A huge amount of Potential is locked away in all of us.  Personal Development is the key to unlocking that potential and letting it fly.

If I were able to inspire just one person with some of my ideas and thoughts through my site, that would be fantastic! And it’s a place where I can share a few Random Thoughts.  Where I can comment or make observations on ideas and situations that I feel strongly enough about to put pen to paper – or should I say ‘to tap away on that keyboard’.  🙂 We’re living in tough times, right now, and things don’t always work out the way we’d like them to but it’s how we react when things don’t work out that makes all the difference.  Whether we look for the adversity in every opportunity, or the opportunity in every adversity.

So why create a blog?

I believe that we all have something to share.  I’ve got over 30 years experience in business and many more years experience in life.  I’ve made lots of decisions over the years, set lots of goals, experienced the delight of fulfilling dreams and the disappointment that comes when things go wrong.

The important thing to remember is that, whatever happens, it’s a learning experience.

Personal Development, in some ways, is what we do with those learning experiences.  But it’s important to note that we don’t just have to rely on our own learning experiences – life’s too short!  We can learn from other people’s experiences and mistakes, just as easily. That’s the benefit of sharing our thoughts and ideas.  We can all help one another and that’s the reason behind my site.

A Word About Affiliate Links On My Site

Within my site you may find affiliate links to various products, services and tools that relate to the content of my posts.  Affiliate Marketing is part of how I make a living and the income helps to support my site and keep it up and running every month. I’m a great believer that, in this day and age, we’re foolish if we allow ourselves to be reliant on a single source of income.  We should all have our own MISS – Multiple Income Stream Strategy.  And my site is part of mine.

I work with different businesses to help them with their Sales and Marketing and I recommend that they use affiliate marketing strategies as one way to develop their incomes.  It would be more than a little hypocritical of me not to do the same and lead by example. However, there is another element to Affiliate Marketing that should be mentioned.

You see, it’s a great way of giving back and thanking people when they’ve provided you, or people you know, with something of great value.   I have a natural desire to want to spread the word to others when I come across something of great value.  Affiliate Marketing allows me to do exactly that – but it rewards me at the same time. It’s a complete win-win and it’s something that you should be considering for yourself. Whether it’s some kind of really useful business tool, a great book or a terrific service each and every product that is mentioned on this blog is one that:

  1. I believe in 100% and…
  2. either I, or someone I know and trust, have actually used with great success.

I’ve personally spent thousands on Personal Development, alone.  If you saw my bookshelves filled with all manner of business books and CD’s and if you knew of some of the seminars and conferences that I’ve attended you would get some idea of just how much I’ve spent over the years.

But it’s a very worthwhile investment.  As the great Jim Rohn said:  “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job”.

I’m also a great believer that whilst we can make deposits, as well as withdrawals, from our bank accounts we can only make withdrawals when it comes to our ‘time account’.  I’m always happy to spend a little money on tools that can help me be more efficient and effective in some way, particularly, when part of the benefit of using those tools can be measured in saved time.

Trust me, as you get older you’ll understand exactly what I mean!

Anyway, if you are offended in any way by the affiliate links please feel free to exercise your freedom of choice and don’t click on them.  But do bear in mind …….. I am a marketer!

Wishing You a Successful Journey

I truly hope that you enjoy the time you spend here on my site and I hope you can take something positive from the content. Please share anything that you like via your social media accounts and your comments and feedback would be very much appreciated.  You’ll find comment forms at the end of each post or use the ‘Contact Me’ form. I wish you every success.

With kindest regards,

Steve Bimpson

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