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Customer Service Rule No 1

It always amazes me how so many companies get some really simple things so wrong when it comes to customer service.
We recently had a new kitchen fitted at home and there were one or two issues with the quartz worktops. Nothing major but, when you’re spending a lot of money on something, you do want it to be right.
The initial dealings with the worktop suppliers’ went well. Photos were emailed to show the issues and they readily agreed that the problems were unacceptable.
Consequently, an appointment was made for someone to come along and inspect the worktops, so that they could …

6 Top Networking Tips For Any Networking Event

If you’re in business, networking is something that you should be doing on a regular basis and I thought I’d share with you 6 Top Networking Tips that will help you to get the very best from any networking event.
There are a variety of different networking events you can go to, although, you should have a balanced approach. There are highly structured networking events that usually involve membership and take place quite frequently, less frequent events that may be structured but less so – and there are one off events.
If you’re going to any networking event, particularly a ‘one-off’ event, …

Do You Worry About Getting Your Message Across, Effectively?

Do you ever worry about getting your message across, effectively, when you speak to a group of people? (Scroll down the page if you prefer to read)

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If you do, then judging by the number of times that I get asked about this, you’re in very good company, as this is something that a great many people are concerned about.
Getting your message across is, really, quite simple but I’m always amazed at the number of people I see getting it wrong, time and time again.
Whether you’re delivering the proverbial 60 second presentation, delivering a short …

Do You Worry About Engaging With Your Audience on Your Website?

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With the way Google works these days, engaging with your audience is really important and it’s measured by how long they stay on your site. What’s more, it’s a major factor as to how Google will rank your site in the future.
Ultimately, Google’s only goal is to deliver what their customers want and it’s important to understand that their customers aren’t their advertisers.  Google’s customers – the ones that count for everything they do – are the people that use the Google Search facility.
As such, when Google sends a visitor to your site, …

5 Wicked Ways to Get Started With Video Marketing

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You know that using video is a great thing to do for your business, but how do you get started with video marketing?
I’m going to share with you 5 Wicked Ways to use video, any of which would be an excellent way to get started, and I’ll give you one or two of the benefits that you can expect to gain from each Wicked Way, although there are many.

The Website Welcome Video.  This can be hugely powerful because a webpage is 53 times more likely to rank on page 1 of Google if …

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

I love this question, so I’ll say it again; Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?
What do I mean?
Let me give you a simple example of just one area of business where you should be asking this question. Ultimately, it can be applied to many areas. Some of you will be aware that I ran my own Hardwood Flooring business for over 12 years.  What you may not know is that I got into the business completely by accident.
At the time, I was working as a Sales and Marketing Consultant (as I do, again, now) but a friend of mine had …

How Many People Benefit When We Give a Referral?

I’d like to tell you an interesting story that clearly illustrates how many people benefit when we give a referral.  Although this story relates, directly, to business networking – as does the point I’m making here – I believe that this is how giving works in any situation, not just when it comes to a referral.
John worked for a local window and conservatory company and was a fellow member of a local networking group.  During one of his presentations to the group, he told the story of a lady who’d enquired about new, uPVC windows and doors.
The lady was new …

The True Nature of Giving

If we want to build relationships that result in us receiving referrals (Referral Networking) then we have to be prepared to give referrals or, at least, give something of true value to those people that we are in these relationships with.  After all, it’s a little arrogant of us to expect others to give us something if we’re not prepared to give something of equal value to them.
In fact, we have to give first, sometimes over and over and over again, to create reciprocity in others.  Particularly, where we have instigated the building of this relationship and where we are …

Six Degrees of Separation

I first heard about the concept of Six Degrees of Separation more than 10 years ago at a seminar I attended.  The idea is a simple one: that we’re all linked to anyone we may care to meet, anywhere in the world, through no more than 6 levels of contacts. This whole idea, originally proposed in 1929 by the Hungarian author Frigyes Karinthy, certainly opened my mind to the potential of networking (amongst other things), although, I must say I was somewhat sceptical about it to begin with.
It was only when I started talking to other people about the idea that …

The 3 Levels of Business Networking

In terms of how effective business networking can be, there are 3 distinct levels that you can choose to play at.
The first level is the least effective, but it’s also where the majority of networkers spend their time and effort.
Level 3, on the other hand, is the ‘nirvana of networking’ and it’s where the results you get from your efforts will pay the largest return.
So, the question I’m sure you’re asking probably goes along these lines.  What are the different levels of networking, how can I identify them and how do they differ from one another?
Level 1
Level 1 is the …

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