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The Latest Social Media Stats From Socialnomics

Erik Qualman’s terrific book, Socialnomics, has really brought home the importance of using Social Media in business and the statistics that were originally quoted in the book are changing rapidly.
This is the latest (the 3rd) Socialnomics video that brings those statistics a little more up to date.  Of course, they continue to change on a daily basis but the resounding impact of them just re-emphasises the need to embrace Social Media to help promote our businesses.
If all of this seems like something of a mystery to you, please feel free to get in touch.  I’m more than happy to help …

It’s Not What You Say, It’s HOW You Say It

When it comes to marketing or copywriting, there’s no doubt that we can’t afford to ignore the power of words and how we use them to get our message across.  Whether it’s the written word or the spoken word is, largely, immaterial but how we put them together, how we frame our words, who’s perspective we consider and how we engage the emotions are all important elements in our communication.
Now, I don’t know whether the following video is genuine or somewhat contrived.  Either way, it clearly demonstrates that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it that makes …

Some Statistics About Social Media

So, is Social Media a fad?  Or is it something that we need to take note of, need to learn how to use and need to embrace?
Based on the book ‘Socialnomics’ by Erik Qualman, the following video contains some very useful information and statistics about Social Media and how it’s growing.  You may find that some of these statistics are, not only, surprising but absolutely astonishing.
It’s worth noting that the statistics in the video are now a little ‘old’ and completely underestimate the true scale as reflected in the current figures.  Social Media is growing exponentially, right now, so get …

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